ACHarris Design.

The Platform

Not Just a Job Site

ACHarris Design is not just a site connecting clients and designers, but also a platform that integrattes various aspects of the design process

Starting a project

Stasrting a project is easy. Just go to the Find A Designer page, select the general area of your project (for instance front end web development. For details on each area, visit Areas Of Expertise and click on the area you wish to learn about), find a designer you want to work with and click on the "Create A Project" button below their profile pick. You will then get a chance to fill in the details of the project you want to work on.

The designer will be notified that you want to start a project and will have a chance to accept or reject it. If they accept it, the system will let you know and you can get started! Otherwise, the designer will provide a reason why they rejected the project.

Once the project is accpeted, you can manage all of your projects on your dashboard, as well as find the contact information for any designers you are working with.

To use the video conferencing features (which include whiteboard functionality and file sharing), just find the designer you need to collaborate with (they will be displayed on your dashboard) and if they are available, a button will appear allowing you to connect with them.

At any point, you can check the status of a project by going to your dashboard and click on the More Information link for that project. Here you will find all files the designer has currently uploaded, as well as all information about the project.